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Click any of the Peruvian Paso Horse photos to see what the beautiful horses with the champagne ride look like!

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Last Updated 10/20/2008

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Welcome to the Central Coast Peruvian Horse Club website. This Peruvian Horse site is for everyone that loves Peruvian Paso Horses. There are links to Peruvian Paso ranches, breeders, owners, haciendas, regional clubs and national clubs. There are Paso Fino sites also listed. The Paso Fino and the Peruvian Paso Horse are different horse breeds that are distinctly different. There are links to peruano de paso organizations, gaited horse clubs, baroque horse clubs, trainers, borders, stallions, Peruvian Tack, tack accessories. Spanish, iberian, horses, equestrian information. There are links to art and sculpture, photography, horse shows, laureado winners, equine management, genetics, pedigree search, gifts, books and jewelry. Also, you will find information related to endurance trials, pleasure riding, showing and eventing. Pull up a chair and stay awhile. If you have had a back injury or back surgery, or you are ready to experience a smooth ride, you should try the cadillac of gaited breeds, the Peruvian Paso Horse.